Composite Materials Engineering Specialists in Carbon Fibre - IN LIQUIDATION - JULY 2009 -
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Mechanical Properties of Structural Carbon Fibre Profiles

Mechanical Properties of Structural Carbon Fibre Profiles

Typical Example of a Carbon Fibre Profile;

Figure 1 Table 1.
'I' Beam
EI N mm2
x 10-6
CARBON FIBRE 1.6 0.52 23.4 0.54
ALUMINUM 2.7 0.88 21.4 23.0

This example compares the properties of a typical Carbon Fibre 'I' beam, the cross section of which is detailed in Fig.1., with a similar Aluminum beam.

It can be seen from Table 1. that the carbon fibre beam is 10% stiffer in the 'Beam mode' and 40% lighter than the aluminum.

The Coefficient of thermal expansion along the beam is almost ZERO.


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